From National Leaders


Robert Morris

Senior Pastor of Gateway Church

“Steve Dulin serves as an elder at Gateway Church and is one of our founding elders. I have known Steve and his wife, Melody, for over 25 years and Steve is one of my closest friends. Steve founded and successfully ran Milestone Construction for over 20 years, but it is his spiritual insight into business that I want to recommend to you. He has gone through the Bible numerous times studying business. Years ago, he began teaching the biblical principles of operating a business God’s way. He has taught this seminar twice at Gateway with phenomenal results each time. He is an extremely gifted teacher. I have no reservations at all about recommending Steve. I guarantee that this seminar will help anyone who is a business person in the church today and ultimately grow the Kingdom as well.”

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Jimmy Evans

Founder of Marriage Today

“Steve Dulin has been a close friend of mine for over twenty years. During that time I have developed a deep respect for him in many areas, including his business skills. I believe he epitomizes what a Christian business person should be. Combining godly character and shrewd business sense, Steve built a successful business and has helped many others do the same. I highly recommend Steve and the MasterPlan Business Ministry to any individual or company desiring to go to the next level in their business endeavors.”

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Dr. Jack Hayford

Chancellor of The King's University, Founding Pastor of The Church on the Way

“Each year, King’s College and Seminary bestows the LASER (Light and Salt Energy Resource) Award on a leader in the business community who is impacting the world as ‘Salt and Light.’ We presented the LASER award to Steve Dulin because we believe he is such a leader. He has dedicated himself to following God’s ways in every area and advancing the kingdom of God through business. Through his work, his message and his ministry, he is impacting our culture as a powerful witness that God’s ways work. He doesn’t just preach that we should follow God’s way – he lives it.

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David Barton

Founder & President of WallBuilders

“America has prospered because it embraced numerous Biblical principles that applied to every aspect of life and living. Steve Dulin has spent years studying those principles – especially those that apply to business. Not only has he implemented these principles in his own business with great personal success, but he also wants to see all businessmen realize the same achievement. I have known Steve for years and can highly recommend not only his personal character and integrity but especially his seminars setting forth applications of specific Biblical principles to business.”

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Tony Jeary

The Results Guy, Coach to the World's Top CEOs

“Through the years I have known Steve, I have found him to be a man of conviction, with a deep sense of purpose. From his twenty-plus years of experience owning a business, he has developed teachings rich with truth and action. Steve presents his material in a fast-paced, honest and humorous way. He will leave you motivated and equipped to reach new levels of success. If you want to learn practical solutions and skills for your best business now, I encourage you to use MasterPlan Business Ministries."

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